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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, did not do much with the planes today, so far no signs of rust on them. I did however order some more irons(cutters) for my Stanley 45 plane. Those should get here within the next few days.

Also, I have started looking at wood stock for my first two projects. The projects are an old school tool box, and a small table. I will fabricate both of these with my hand tools.



  1. Hurry up and get cracking on that old school tool box and post some pics.....

    Jeff R

  2. Haha will do. Got one set of my cutters today in the mail, waiting on the other two to get "cracking"

  3. I will be mailing you that awesome SKILL planer later this week. I would like to use it on another job before I mail it. Thanks

  4. Haha, hey its cool, as long as when you do send my other stuff too.