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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cleaning a Stanley 45 Combination Plane

I had a question on how to clean my Stanley 45 Plane. This reply came from knifel over at lumberjocks, of which I am a member.
My original question was this.

"I recently purchase a Stanley 45, and was wondering if there was a good way of sprucing up the nickel plating? I tried steel wool, which got off the .5 percent of rust that was on it. It has about 85 percent nickel still on it and just want a little bit of a shine for it."

The reply I got was as follows

" To answer your question Garrett, the lost plating is gone, however you could potentially visit you’re local coin shop and ask for a nickel cleaner (the indian-head nickels were nickel) and depending on the shop they may have it. Although I would suggest you just polish it lightly with a cloth, lest you loose some plating."

Now, my Stanley 45 Plane had .050 rust on it, which I cleaned with steel wool, came right off. As far as the plating goes, It has about 85% or so of the original plating. The plate is from 1895, and will be a "user" not a show piece. I am planning on going to the auto parts store to get some metal polish for the nickel and rub it in slightly. That will be that.

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